Newcall Gallery

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

5-03-10 | John Ward Knox 'a projection of light '

a projection of light
John Ward Knox

The project opened at 1pm and was on view all afternoon, into the evening, to mark the opening event. Normal gallery hours resumed from the following Saturday.

Seen in the gallery space were three abstract photographic works placed in different positions in relation to the distribution of light throughout the gallery. The light–dim or bright, depending on the proximity to the main window wall at the entrance—fell upon the silver-gelatin surfaces softly and gradually. A sense of time and physical presence in the space was heightened by the incisive installation. The position of bodies in the space was articulated as in relation to the light, the walls, the idiosyncrasies of the gallery. With emphasis on the available light, the works acted to heighten our awareness of the fading of light—the passage of time and the process of gradual change.