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Friday, November 13, 2009

MATTERS 3 - 1. Editorial

It only takes two people to make a fact.

Matters 3 is a publication that is interested in people who are thinking and
doing interesting things. The information held within is not unique to this
publication. The material that makes up this edition of the Matters series can
be found elsewhere in various guises, though in some instances this is the
first time these have been deciphered from the great ongoing stream of
events and published in semi-permanent fashion.

Matters 3 is a project designed to impel application over reflection, and
though my desire is that all who put the journal down will do so richer and
more capable, if this happens even once the project can be called a success.
The contributors who were approached and responded, I am glad to say, did
so with a view to this being an opportunity and not an imposition, as is the
danger of any such endeavor. The contributors to Matters 3 have significantly
humbled me, and I am indebted to them.

There were a number of contributions that I attempted to get which I was
unable to. These include Christopher Finlayson, the National Party’s Minister
for Arts and Heritage, on the state of the arts and Pita Sharples on minority
campaigning in majoritarian systems. Sadly my persistent inquiries using
publicly available contacts made no headway. There are also a number of
potential contributors that I have been too slow in following up to include in
this edition.

Matters 3
will be updated on the 21st September 2009, with a second series
of contributions. Further to those already commissioned, there is room for
more. If you are interested in contributing a response to something in this
edition, or something of your own instigation, feel free to email me at

The words in Matters 3 are under the copyright of their respective authors.
But the ideas are free to use.

Thanks to Emma and Hamish.

Matters 3 is edited[thus] by John Ward Knox