Newcall Gallery

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Comb a schooner | Group show | 1 December


Annie Bradley
Matthew Crookes
Peter Madden
Charles Ninow
Beth O'Brien
Ralph Paine
Martyn Reynolds
Daniel Webby
Tao Wells

With a para-performance on the opening night by Peter Madden

Opening 6pm 1 December
Show runs 1 - 19 December 2009

Follow your instincts. We are gambling on the outcome of bringing together a disparate group of artists, whose sole commonality, aside from their profession, is an element of activism or confrontation. But even that is a broad definition. We're in search of dynamism, spontaneity, optimism. We asked artists to be opinionated and agitate. We encouraged them to be direct.

Within every show there lies the potential for its own undoing, but if this show is about anything, it is Free Will. We have chosen to place our trust in this; in the Free Will of the Artists, and our selection we made entirely of our own Free Will.

We are optimistic without sanction, but optimistic we most certainly are.


Gallery hours: Thursday - Saturday, 12-5pm