Newcall Gallery

Saturday, October 10, 2009

14.10.09 | To Say The Least | group show


Ruth Buchanan
Ash Kilmartin
Sarah Rose
D. M. Satele
Holly Willson

Opening Wednesday 14 October, 6.30pm
With performance by D. M. Satele

Show runs 15 - 31 October

To Say the Least is a phrase which stands-in for something larger,

is used to describe an under-exaggeration,

or something which is glossed over and not fully explained.


To Say the Least is a group show working around these definitions, 

with and without words.


Please join us for the opening of To Say the Least, 6:30pm Wednesday 14 October

with a performance by D.M Satele.


Show runs from 15--31 October