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Thursday, August 20, 2009

25-08-09 | Matters 2 | journal for contemporary art discourse in New Zealand.


Newcall Gallery is pleased to announce the launch of Matters 2:

Matters is a journal for contemporary art discourse in New Zealand.

Matters has been instigated as part of Newcall Gallery’s broader programme of developing more robust discourse around New Zealand art. It will be released intermittently, varying in format from issue to issue and responding
to the perceived needs of the local art community in a flexible manner.

Excerpt from forward by Sam Rountree WIlliams:
“Matters itself has been designed to shift in response to changes within the local art community. Across issues, it will represent no fixed agenda (or even format). Its ongoing aspiration is simply to stimulate discussion, particularly in those areas perceived to be undernourished by contemporary discourse in New Zealand—this issue focuses on in-depth engagement with specific recent projects staged locally."

This second issue within the over-arching Matters journal project is powered by intelligent critical reflection on
several recent exhibitions staged locally, and maintains a focus on emerging practitioners. Matters 2 contains essays by Jan Bryant, Andrew Clifford, Sarah Hopkinson, Amy Howden-Champan and Laura Preston.

To order Matters 2, visit the gallery or email us at Once your order has been confirmed, we'll post it to you.

Price: $10.00

cash or cheque to:

Newcall Gallery Trust
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Grey Lynn,
Auckland 1021

Newcall is a
registered charitable trust. We would like to acknowledge the generous support of Creative New Zealand in the production of Matters 2.