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Friday, August 7, 2009

28-07-09 | Tao Wells | PLAZA


Tao Wells for Daniel Munn's PLAZA
28 July 2009

“At one point they asphalted the roads in our area and it was either too hot or they messed up the asphalt mix, and there was a really expensive car with asphalt on its tires immobilized in our cul de sac. People had to walk through the forest at the back of their properties to park their cars on another road.” – Daniel Munn

Daniel Munn, Daniel Malone, doesn’t mean much less you know who and one of them is,
Francis Uprichard at Venice just made a book called Bart Wells, My name is Tao Wells, it could be about me, people I think are often referencing or using ideas I’ve established.. Amy Howden – Chapman, for one, Louise Menzies another, Simon Denny I could go on, It helps if your practice is not interested in being artisan and to plough the one field but are an aristocratic citizen of the world, full of the rich possibilities, of not emulating the habits peaked in previous centuries… then having like minds catching the warmth of your works open veins naturally would occur and naturally it is something of a pleasure to see acknowledged, names out or not.

Not like Matt Hunt whose Poisoned shit of an attitude going around bad mouthing a Fellow painter for stealing his ideas his work his mojo, some how Picaso’s idea of the best artists steal the best ideas.. not borrow, no insincere flattery here but just BRILLIANT take, (Daniel Malone is Billy Apple, but Billy Apple still needs Warhol to return from the dead and tell everyone how impt he is) is lost on this religious Fanatic, Beating down the door to McLeavey fighting for the last peg in a 100 New Zeland artists History book.

That’s not going to help Daniel Munn, No he’s Canadian, (photograph of a Plaza in Vancouver) who the fuck gives a shit about a fuck whose not even from here. He doesn’t understand, what it’ s like living on an island who everyone wants to steal from, who threatens us with their existence cause it might teach us something new that we’ll have to change. AND NZERS don’t change that’s what the rest of the world does, here we absorb smother and ignore you. YOU ARE A KIWI NOW. we paint on to the face of every brown head, don’t call me nigger, I ‘ll never be a Kiwi, NEW Zealand the South of the south pacific. I’ll always be glad that others saw something in my work to emulate steal or reference.
Fucking painters.

Munn’s work is a daily meditation of details of a constructed culture, do you know your renaissance sculpture, there are stories behind them, David and Goliath, how bout Daniel’s stolen Christopher Columbus what’s it saying) I feel looking imagining his work reminds of the empty spaces where the action really is happening just not right now. When you sit at a food court and notice that the concrete beams overhead have only been painted up to the wires leaving a raw line of concrete, that the whole thing has been made already and it’s too late to consider fine details, a love of life, or pride in ones work. DAM IT these details add up you know they do, and it hurts!!! They tell a story. Do you understand, that tell you a story with out to much direct religious references or imagery, and so possibly though I have not seen the work installed perhaps there will be a conclusion to the story that is not “Kill your self or kill others” YET.

One day Daniel Munn will be famous and you’ll come again to one of his shows and reflect over what you didn’t get then you equally didn’t get now.. how bout getting off that beat now, and just refuse to be like that, let it flow over you and get angry about “this is the best a Daniel Munn can do”. Some where in the coffee and the photographs is a point that Munn said see. Try respecting that and giving it the time of day, try respecting this stranger who one day will be famous.

Isn’t that nice. You are an expert.

Time is an expert it has already written the rules for your iinclusion in it. It is these stories little confusion that is so richly rewarding to anyone who like a nice walk through the woods, fearing no darkness with out need of an avenging angel to give them strength, you 3 people will enjoy this how it is for you , you’ve been given a little food , and unfortunately will be left to wonder why others don’t get it why the world isn’t like getting this.. and how It want’s Mat Hunts Paintings of Fantastic violence for ever. Which I’d buy if I was a slave or I’d copy. Who’d want to copy something, it must be over priced to begin with if you can’t afford an original, perhaps it is fun to translate a new version. Add value.

Translate Munn you Kiwi fuckers… BAnkk of New Zealand