Newcall Gallery

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

10-02-09 | Broken Fall | Group show



Lou Hubbard, Susan Jacobs and Katie Lee (Melbourne)
Tim Coster (Auckland)

Opens 6pm, Tuesday 10 February (thanks Epic!)
Performance at 9pm by Tim Coster
Exhibition runs February 10-28

Shown in conjunction with ACFA at St Paul Street Gallery 2 10-13 February
Performance 6pm by Richard Francis and a conversation between Melbourne and Auckland

Broken Fall is part of a collaborative project between Newcall Gallery, A Center for Art (St Paul’s Street, Auckland), Jan Bryant and three Melbourne artists: Katie Lee, Susan Jacobs and Lou Hubbard. The artists are investigating ideas of disruption, firstly of work moved across cities — Melbourne to Auckland, Auckland to Melbourne— and then within cities across different spaces that hold divergent sensibilities. This project aims to generate discussion between contributing artists about the effect on the work (both internal and external) of intimate spatial displacements.

A Center for Art and Newcall Gallery have asked Auckland-based sounds artists, Tim Coster and Richard Francis, to respond to the work.

For a short time A Center for Art will inhabit the premises of St Paul Street Gallery 2 as a ready-made project space. This will be the second of ACFA’s three sites, the first of which closed December 2008, with the third to be opened in March 2009.

Making Sense (DVD 12 mins) by Katie Lee – My work is about how it feels to be destabilized against systems and structures using a repetitive gesture within a boundary. The recorded gesture, based on the unsteady action of standing on one foot with my eyes closed, (a physio therapy exercise to build core strength), indexes my capacity to internalise stillness, physically control myself, and get better at something useless. Overstepping the line means it all must begin again. A selection of other ‘indexes’ in the gallery, mark out a relationship to horizontality with the accuracy of a seesaw plank.

Pause Scratch (DVD 5min) by Lou Hubbard – is an ode to the habit of living. It uses the formal device of the grid to promote fluid relationships between the individual, the environment and one’s organic eccentricities. PAUSE SCRATCH is also a study of duration. This work continues my investigation into the nature of training, submission and subordination and the disciplinary spaces in which subjectivity and knowledge are formed.

My practice is to perform operations on everyday materials, manipulating them into new relationships according to set, formal rules that I invent. My process is DIY, low-fi and positively domestic. Sometimes these strategies are witnessed and captured through a camera lens, resulting in videos that play on photography’s power to index untenable actions. Sometimes the actions become sculptural assemblages that are fitted and measured and precariously balanced.

Susan Jacob – My practice is consistently informed by drawing and driven by spatial and material considerations. Works often begin as problem-solving exercises or tests in resourcefulness, which gradually form their own logic. Through drawing I propose speculative constructions and concepts, some of which later manifest as objects or installations that embody heuristic process. Sculptural works act as material quandaries, teasing out the latent potential of sites or materials, enacting inversions and conflating opposing forces.

Tim Coster – My sound performance will respond to the process of installation of the works at Newcall. Playback of audio documentation made during the artists’ set-up will be combined in parallel with multiple live and pre-recorded acoustic investigations of the site. The sounds will be digitally looped and layered to reflect an accumulation of actions over time, offering alternate spatial arrangements, and displacing the continuity of performativity.

Richard Francis – My sound work is directed by an interest in recording, manipulating and combining acoustic and electronic sounds from a variety of sources. For my performance at A Center for Art (St Paul Street), I will be improvising a piece of tonal and textural music using an analogue modular synthesizer, computer, resonant qualities of the gallery space and acoustic objects selected in response to the installation work.