Newcall Gallery

Monday, January 5, 2009

Selina Foote | FIRE RIOT MEAT | 13-01-09


Selina Foote

Artist talk: Wednesday January 28, 6pm

Show runs January 13-31

Text by John Ward-Knox

Thanks to Epic beer!

FIRE RIOT MEAT is a new collection of paintings by Selina Foote. In
these small scale works Selina continues to explore her interest in
amateur images and personal photography as source material, picking
her subjects from image banks online. Her paintings explore the
translation of such photographic images into paint, where through a
responsive process of attempts and experiments the images are
variously altered, erased and obscured.

Selina Foote is an Auckland-based artist and co-founder of Newcall
Gallery. Recent projects include 'I close my eyes and count to ten' a
solo painting show at ACFA, 'Red Thing Blue Thing' at Enjoy Public Art
Gallery in Wellington, with Sam Rountree'Williams, 'Paintings' at
Window, curated by Sam Rountree-Williams, Patrick Lundberg and Richard
Bryant. Selina graduated with a bachelor of Fine Arts from Elam School
of Fine Arts in 2007.