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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Richard Frater | So long the difficulties of being single | 11 November 2008


Richard Frater

So long the difficulties of being single

Opens 6pm Tuesday 11 November

Please join us for a drink afterwards at Galbraith's Ale House
Show runs 11-29 November


Richard Frater's work engages a number of disciplines, while using drawing as its guiding principal. His ongoing interests involve the creation of ephemeral architectural works, and the framing of materials performing live. The ways in which works' temporal natures are made apparent encourages comparison with theatre; here though, the stage-audience divide is minimal, and at times is dissolved. Gesture becomes a direct thread between a work and its audience. The works' origins are found in heterogeneous fields of representation, where one mode of production becomes the raw material for another.

Richard Frater is a founding member of the Auckland artist-run space A Centre for Art. In the past year he has completed significant projects for Vincent Grocery at Enjoy Public Art Gallery curated by Laura Preston, and Architecture for The Nation – New Artists Show 2008 at Artspace. Richard graduated with a Post-Graduate Diploma of Fine Arts from Elam School of Fine Arts in 2006.